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Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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Current Category: Star Student of the Month

Star Student of the month is … Cole Perez

Our Star Student of the Month is Cole Perez!

His tutor tells us:
“When first starting my tutoring with Cole, I was quickly made aware that I had taken on a bright, intuitive, and well-capable student. A tutor loves to see these traits for two reasons: For one, it makes my job as a tutor that much easier. Second, and more importantly, I am excited to recognize the underlying potential.

With Cole, his obstacles stemmed not from a lack of motivation or intelligence, but from the drastic transition into high school. The schedule demanded in order to fully succeed within a high school curriculum is on par with that of a college student.

Cole manages a full-time schedule which includes school during the morning and afternoon followed by wrestling well into the evening and on weekends. He has made fantastic progress in maintaining a strong work ethic across multiple commitments and classes. I’m very proud of his effort and motivation, a feeling that I know is shared by Cole’s teachers and parents. I’m also repeatedly impressed with Cole’s ability to quickly grasp onto Biology and science concepts.

I will never forget how casually and offhand Cole was able to explain to me the hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions of molecules to form the components of the lipid bilayer – without me having taught it to him beforehand. I’m excited to see where the future may take him.”

Star Student of the month is….

Star student of the month

Star Student of the month is….Talyn Fordham

“I have had a really good month with Talyn.  I would like to share her success story with you.  She is such a hard worker and is always prepared when I work with her.  In addition to completing and excelling at her schoolwork, she and I has just finished reading a 279-page fiction book which she will use for a book report.  She has already begun taking notes for this, as well as summarizing and sequencing events. Talyn even continued with her tutoring sessions over Christmas Break.  She always goes above and beyond expectations.  I am very proud of her effort and positive attitude.

November Star Student of the Month is…….

Tutor Doctor’s Star Student of the Month – November

This month’s Star Student is

Cade Ridenour

His tutor tells us:

“Cade Ridenour is a high school junior. He fell behind in several subjects early this fall semester due to a demanding sports and work schedule. Over the past months, he has worked hard to restore his grades. I am especially proud of Cade for mastering the Algebra II topics we’ve covered, and doing very well on a recent Algebra II test. I really enjoy working with Cade. He is respectful, has a strong work ethic, and is a serious student.”

Help us says “Congratulations!” to Cade.

Star Student of the Month — September

This month’s Star Student is

Aiyana Davis

Her tutor tells us:

“Aiyana worked very relentlessly and diligently throughout the summer. She is an excellent student who has a great desire to learn.  As well, she is just so enjoyable to work with. Having never attended a school other than home, she was extremely nervous and excited. However, approaching Singapore Math was an extreme stressor for Aiyana.  I am so proud of Aiyana for working so hard, being so dedicated and accomplishing so much. She received a ‘better than excellent’ score on her homework and is no longer stressed over Singapore Math. Congratulations, Aiyana!”

Star Student of the Month– August


This month’s Star Student is

Xavier Garcia


His tutor tells us:

“Xavier is doing so well.

His confidence is really starting to grow and shows when he reads. He reads each word and uses his detective skills when he reaches a word he doesn’t know instead of glossing over them. 

He also has improved in his writing skills! He has really great stories and is using a lot of detail to support his main ideas. He also puts a lot of voice to his text with descriptive words and similes. It is very rewarding and thrilling to read his personal narratives!”

Tutor Doctor’s Star Student of the Month June

 Tutor Doctor's  Star Student of the Month  June

This month’s Star Student is

McKayla Workman

Her tutor tells us:


“McKayla Workman achieved 2 points higher on her ACT. We were able to increase her scores 2 full points, and on Math and Science which were her weakest areas, was a great accomplishment I believe. Also, she was often not able to complete the work I had assigned because of soccer, or other homework, or emotional upsets, so I call that a win.”

Star Student of the Month

Star Student of the month from Tutor Doctor Longmont to Loveland

Tutor Doctor’s Star Student of the Month – May


This month’s Star Student is Teagan Drake!

His tutor tells us:”Teagan’s family called Tutor Doctor for help with time management and homework.  He is an extremely bright young man who has struggled with finding his motivation.
Besides getting his homework completed, we sought to help him succeed through a combination of patience, accountability, and active self-reflection.
Teagan has grown so much in awareness of both his responsibilities and his own behaviour.  This hard work has culminated in his end-of-the-year project for Language Arts.  He was asked to write a memoir of a meaningful moment in his life and he immediately knew which story he wanted to tell.  Upon reading his first draft, his teacher had nothing but praise for his masterful telling.
As his tutor, I am thrilled that Teagan is getting such immediate and extraordinarily positive feedback from his teacher and his parents in light of such a difficult school year.  I hope that he will continue to nurture his voice with confidence.”

Star Student of the Month

Star Student of the Month Student picture

Tutor Doctor’s Star Student of the Month – March

This month’s Star Student is

Nick Karpowich!


His tutor tells us:

“Nick Karpowich’s family sought out Tutor Doctor to help Nick overcome difficulties in math and catch up to his grade level.  Nick is a delightful, energetic guy who is quite skilled in sports.  His greatest challenge in math has been to overcome the impulse to jump to an answer before understanding the problem and considering the steps to solve it.

With intervention from his school, much practice with his tutor, and encouragement from his family, Nick is learning to slow down, read the problem, and work the problem.  As a result, he is building confidence and consistency in his math skills.

Recently, Nick retook the iReady Assessment test.  In just two months of hard work Nick has improved two grade levels in math!  All of us–including–Nick are very proud of his progress!  We believe in you, Nick, and know that you have the attitude and aptitude to be successful!”


Help us congratulate Nick on his hard work and success!

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