Trusted Tutors Longmont to Fort Collins

Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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Trusted Tutors Longmont to Fort Collins

Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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photo of overview of what we tutor with 3 happy students from Tutor Doctor Longmont to LovelandYour Trusted Company for Tutoring for ALL Subjects and ALL Grades

Overview of What We Tutor:

Homework Help

Does tutoring your own child cause you stress– head “butting”—a tournament of will? Is the current school “way of doing things” not the way you learned in school? Is helping your child creating more problems than good?

Our tutors are the solution to the problems. Our skilled tutors are “up to date” on the current curriculum in schools.  They can present  the best solution to homework.

Academic Coaching and Executive Skills

Academic Success = Academic Foundation Building + Academic Discipline
Is lack of academic discipline undermining your child’s success?

At Tutor Doctor we will help your student develop the expertise and skills that are key to their future success in life through our Academic Coaching (Game Plan). Our academic coaches support and teach executive skills for success with organization, test taking skills and task initiation. Tutor Doctor Longmont to Loveland is dedicated to enhancing your student’s academic knowledge and helping them become an academic champion for life. Nothing can beat our academic coaches— not even Algebra!

Adult Tutoring

You are never to old to learn something new!
(and we are the trusted tutors to help you succeed)

Tutoring isn’t just for the young! Some of the most challenging coursework – where Tutors can help the most – comes at an older age. That’s why Tutor Doctor Northern Colorado offers top-notch tutoring services geared towards college students and adult learning. Whether you’re a college age individual looking to brush up in a certain course, or you’re a bit older and have returned to the academic world, Tutor Doctor can help!

College Tutoring

Working with a good tutor can make a tremendous difference in your college student’s success. Our tutors have a strength in a subject area and work with students who are having some difficulty or need support. Parents worry that their college student is struggling and not making the grades needed for scholarship retention or just to remain in college. In this area, Tutor Doctor Northern Colorado can help.

Elementary and Middle School Tutoring

Tutor Doctor  Northern Colorado Longmont to Fort Collins  offers elementary and middle school tutoring for reading and language arts, math tutoring and special needs.  We help students in all types of   study areas including phonics, grammar, writing, reading comprehension, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, decoding, and more. We also support math  concepts for addition, measurements, fractions and more. Our tutors help students leverage the skills they already possess, while building the new skills needed to master their course curriculum. This is the crucial building block for a strong academic foundation.We also tutor ELL and ESL learners.

High School Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor  Northern Colorado Longmont to Fort Collins, we continually see students who are missing a key math skill that has not been established from some earlier point in time. This missing building block becomes magnified as the math becomes more complex, incorporating calculus, trigonometry and advanced geometry concepts. The result is a frustrated and lost student.

Our tutoring will focus on how to improve the understanding of each concept. Tutors will spend time working with students to ensure there are no problems. This is always tailored to each student.

Programs include:



ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic Test
College Admission
College Planning
College Prep


Home School Tutoring

Home schooling is becoming a very popular option for families seeking alternatives to the public school system and/or private schools. Tutor Doctor N Longmont to Loveland assists families looking to make a move to the home school environment. In our free consultation session, we will discuss with you the plethora of options available to your family, as well as set up a customized plan for your child’s future education.

Special Needs Tutoring

Tutor Doctor from Longmont to Loveland understands the different learning challenges that students face. Whether a student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or just has trouble focusing, our tutors can find the right strategy that works. One-on-one learning allows the student to take full advantage of a tutor’s undivided attention.

Programs include:

Dyslexia Support Tutoring
Students with ADD or ADHD

Summer Tutoring

When the school year ends, many students are occupied during the long summer months with day camps, swimming, play dates and vacation. When summer ends, kids go back to school and realize they have forgotten much of what they learned in school the previous year. They are experiencing a phenomenon called “summer learning loss”.

Student Athlete

So– you are good in sports. But- are you good in school? How is your ACT score? Tutor Doctor Longmont to Loveland gives you the support to achieve academic excellence in the classroom. We also have the flexible schedule to accommodate for practice times. Remember–Players need to catch the eye of the coach, and then prove to have the combination of athletic ability, mental toughness, and intelligence (both on the football field and in the classroom) to keep the coach’s attention.

Tutor Doctor 24/7: Online Study Guide

Tutor Doctor 24/7- Online curriculum is your online study guide available 24 hours a day. Watch the following one minute video for an introduction.


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Math Tutoring

  • Build Strong Foundation
  • Improve Study Skills
  • Prepare for Exams

Science Tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring
Physics Tutoring
Biology Tutoring

Language Arts Tutoring

Retain What You Read
Think Creatively
Communicate Effectively

Test Preparation

Test Prep Tutoring
ACT Test Prep
Entrance Exams