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Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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Trusted Tutors Longmont to Fort Collins

Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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“Out of desperation, I called for a consultation with the Tutor Doctor. My high school freshman was failing several classes and was extremely discouraged. The consultation was very thorough in order to try and match our son with a compatible tutor. The Tutor Doctor was able to match our son with a great tutor and that has made all the difference. Two months later and grades have been raised, morale is much improved!”

– Suzanne D., Longmont, CO

“It is not often that I would consider writing to express my overall enthusiasm for job well done, but feel compelled to let you know how well Kalid has worked out as a tutor to our son. Ben has struggled for the past 2 years in math and had given up thinking he would ever be able to focus, absorb, or find continuum in his abilities to master this subject. That is, until Kalid.

Kalid has a very kind and easy manner. He seems to recognize the student and then applies his efforts accordingly. He does not run through the motions, but methodically prepares and executes each lesson plan with thoughtful precision. Ben’s high school teacher tends to be unorganized and can easily deviate from scheduled lesson plans. No problem for Kalid, even if he has prepared a particular lesson in advance, he switches gears like no other and gets down to business. He is a master of making every second count during a session. He will change his normal scheduled session to accommodate a test or a quiz and then text us to see how Ben did. Who does that?

As a result, Kalid has managed to give Ben a newfound sense of confidence in math. Ben feels at ease in the classroom for the first time in a long while and attributes his successes to Kalid. We have introduced several tutors to Ben, but couldn’t find the right fit. Ben looks forward to his sessions and for us; Kalid exceeds our expectations in every way.

We just thought that you should know.”

– Deb and Terry M. Longmont CO.

“My son has been tutored by Nick during the summer and through the fall. They worked on a sophomore Honors History assignment. My husband and I were not only pleased with the interaction between Nick and my son, but also, the fact that Nick took it upon himself to read the same novel that was assigned. He said he felt that it would help him, help our son more specifically. Although, we haven’t seen any grades yet, we feel that Nick’s influence will be noted positively.”

– Michelle H. Longmont, CO.

“Kalid has been working with Noah on Algebra since the beginning of December. He is a very positive and enthusiastic individual who goes the extra mile to help Noah succeed. Kalid has taken the initiative to set up an account on, which he has individualized for Noah so that he can practice his algebra skills even when he doesn’t have a tutoring session. Kalid is always very friendly and upbeat when he comes to the house and that has really helped take the anxiety away for having a math tutor; Noah actually looks forward to working with him. Kalid keeps the lessons interesting by doing a lot of interactive teaching on the whiteboard. He is very patient and encouraging and makes the lessons individualized for Noah’s learning style but also specific for what is happening at school. He has really focused on helping Noah become a more confident test taker and it has already helped as we have seen an upward trend in algebra test scores.”

– Anne M. Niwot CO.

“We just love our tutor Sarah, She is so great with Ellie and is always prepared with fun activities to help her learn her math.

Just a quick update on some math testing that Ellie did at school last week. She was taking some tests that were somewhat timed in that she just finished whatever she could before time ran out.

She scored 100% on the addition, 90% on the subtraction, 100% on the multiplication. She was not able to finish the division piece, but only missed 1 out of the 44 she finished. She completely rocked and and I am so happy.

Thank you so very much for all of your help, we are really starting to see the results.”

– Stacey J. Longmont, CO.

“Steve is a great tutor. He works really well with Ella, and has helped her geometry grade. We really appreciate all he has done.

We are making some major changes around Ella’s schooling now and can see a bright future. I will recommend your company to anyone that asks and won’t hesitate to use your services again in the future should the need arise.

Thank you and best wishes,”

– Katie D. Longmont CO.

“Dear Karen

Happy Christmas/ I can’t wait to see you next time you come. I wrote this letter with the pencil you gave me and the eraser. You are the Best tutor ever! I’ve Been Playing those game, that rocket one is the Best game I ever got from you. I know my math facts Really well.


– Kaleb Longmont, CO.

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