Trusted Tutors Longmont to Fort Collins

Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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Trusted Tutors Longmont to Fort Collins

Serving Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.
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Trusted for Tutoring in Longmont and surrounding areas

Tutor Doctor in Longmont is providing affordable one-on-one tutoring to students and adults in all subjects, including math, language arts, science, foreign languages. In addition, we have highly successful test preparation and Study Skills programs. We have great local tutors and proudly serve families in Longmont and all surrounding areas.

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Here is just some of the differences when working with us:

  • One-on-one instruction is proven to be the very best way to help students improve their study skills, grades, rebuild missing concepts as needed and improve confidence. Most importantly, the tutor can move at the student’s pace.
  • Tutors in Longmont and its surrounding areas come to your home, overcoming any traveling issues a family may have. If necessary, an alternate location can be found such as a library. Because the student is in a comfortable environment, the intimidation and fear of failure is removed and students become comfortable, confident, and eager to learn.
  • Tutor Doctor offers affordable customized packages with several different payment options. There are no hidden fees for travel or for initial assessments.

Looking for great tutors and an awesome tutoring company that is 100% committed to your student’s success? You found it— we have tutors for all subjects  and we:

Tutor in Longmont:

Downtown Longmont

Downtown Longmont, CO

Longmont, CO is the 13th most populous city in the state of Colorado. Longmont was founded in 1871 by a group of people from Chicago, Illinois. Originally called the Chicago-Colorado Colony, the men sold memberships in the town and with the proceeds purchased the land necessary for the town hall. As the first planned community in Boulder County, the city streets were laid out in a grid plan in a square mile.

The city began to flourish as an agricultural community after the building of the Colorado Central Railroad line arrived northward from Boulder in 1877. During the 1940s, Longmont began to grow beyond these original limits. During the 1960s the federal government built an air traffic control center in Longmont, and IBM built a large factory near Longmont. As agriculture waned, more high technology has come to the city, including companies like Seagate and Amgen. In April 2009, the GE Energy Company relocated its control solutions business to the area. Schools include Fall River Elementary School, Trail Riodge Middle School, Twin Peaks Charter Academy, Longmont High School, Flagstaff Academy, Alpine Elementary School, Silver Creek High School, Westview Middle School,Sunset Middle School, Altona Middle School, Skyline High School, Longmont Christian School, Mountain Peak Private School,The Goddard School, Burlington Elementary School, Longs Peak Middle School, Blue Mountain Elementary School, Sanborn Elementary School and Central Elementary School.

Tutor in Dacono:

Dacono Music festival

Tutor Doctor at the Dacono Music festival

The City of Dacono, Colorado is located in southwest Weld County, one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Colorado. Located in the heart of the Front Range, Dacono possesses a small town atmosphere with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. Schools include Quest Academy and Spark! Discovery Preschool.

Tutor in Erie:

Erie balloon Festival

Tutor Doctor at the Erie balloon Festival

Erie, CO is located just west of Interstate 25, with easy access to Colorado’s entire Front Range. Erie is approximately 35 minutes from Denver International Airport, 25 minutes from Denver and 20 minutes from Boulder. Schools include Erie Elementary, Erie Middle School, Erie High School, Black Rock Elementary, Red Hawk Elementary, and Aspen Ridge Preparatory School.

Tutor in Firestone:

Firestone ,CO

Tutor Doctor participating with Food and Flicks in Firestone ,CO

Firestone, CO is located about 30 miles north of Denver. Firestone has over thirty-five parks and twelve miles of scenic trail, and the Firestone/Legacy Trail is over twelve miles long located where the old rail road tracks were, that serviced the coal industry, for much of the trail. Schools include Prairie Ridge Elementary, Centenial Elementary, Imagine Charter School, Legacy Elementary, Coal Ridge Middle School, Frederick High School, Thunder Valley K-8 and Carbon Valley Academy.

Tutor in Frederick:


Tutor Doctor in Frederick, CO

Initially named McKissick for the mine owner, Frederick, CO was renamed when the daughters of Frederick A. Clark, a land owner, laid out the town site in 1907 and named it for their father.Incorporated in 1907, the Town of Frederick began as a coal mining town attracting immigrants from Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, several Slavic countries and Latin America .Immediately adjacent communities to Frederick are Firestone to the North, and Dacono to the South. Frederick, Firestone, and Dacono generally being called the ‘Tri-Towns’ or the ‘Tri-Town area’. The area in general being called ‘Carbon-Valley’. Frederick Public Schools are part of the St. Vrain Valley School District. Schools located in Frederick include Frederick Senior High School, Thunder Valley (K-8), Legacy Elementary, and Carbon Valley Academy (Charter School).

Tutor in Lyons:

Lyons, CO

Tutor Doctor in Lyons, CO

The town of Lyons, CO was founded in 1880 by Edward S. Lyon. He purchased 160 acres from H.F. and Isabelle Sawyer, noticing the potential to quarry out the red sandstone outcroppings which offered easy quarrying access in the region. Lyon platted the town in 1881; it was incorporated in 1891. No record survives to account for the added “s” at the end of the town’s name. Schools include Lyons Middle/Senior High School and Lyons Elementary School.

Tutor in Mead:


Tutor Doctor in Mead, CO

The Town of Mead, CO was platted on February 16, 1906 and incorporated on March 17, 1908. The Town of Mead was named for Dr. Martin Luther Mead by his son, Paul Martin Mead, who founded the town. Dr. Mead was the first medical doctor in this area. The Great Western Sugar company was putting in a railroad for the transporting beets to the sugar mill, and had located a beet dump where the tracks cut across a corner of the farm. With all of the farmers coming there with their crop, it seemed the logical site for a town, and Mead. Schools include ad Elementary School, Mead Middle School and Mead High School.

Tutor in Niwot:


Tutor Doctor in Niwot, CO

Niwot, CO is named for Arapaho Chief Niwot, a tribal leader in the Boulder area during the nineteenth century. The name means “left-handed”. Schools include Niwot High School, Niwot Elementary School, Shepherd Valley Waldorf School and Rocky Mountain Christian Academy.

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